The Crusher Petite Sirah 2009

The Crusher Petite Sirah is one of my favorite wines under $15. It’s dark purple with bright fruit and wood on the nose. It is slightly spicy and well balanced with a bit of acidity. You get lots of dried fruit on the finish and it’s oh so delicious!

Crusher Petite Sirah

Crusher Petite Sirah

The 2010 wasn’t quite as fantastic but still a good drinking wine!

The Beer House ~ Ocean Springs, MS

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I LOVE beer! And nothing makes me happier than walking into a bar and seeing a wall FULL of beer taps! It’s like a little rush of childish wonder and the Beer House did just that. It’s a cool concept and is connected to two other restaurants, Mosaic and Senor Lopez.

I totally stole this from Urban Spoon

I totally stole this from Urban Spoon

I started out with the Tommyknocker Butt Head Bock (8.2% ABV). It’s an amber-colored beer with some good malt flavor and a slight bit of funk. Not one of my favs but I wouldn’t turn one down if you sat it in front of me. Jason had the Woodchuck Cider – which is, well, cider. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good cider – but it has to be a GOOD cider. I haven’t found one yet that compares to the Wyder’s Dry Pear Cider we used to get in Washington. OMG it was gooooood!

Unfortunate bad lighting. Jason isn't really an oompa loompa.

Unfortunate bad lighting. Jason isn’t really an oompa loompa.

One of the great things about the Beer House is that you can get food from one of the other attached restaurants. We opted for the Pulled Pork Sandwich and Calamari from Mosaic. The presentation was great and the calamari was served with this cool, smoky remoulade. The pulled pork was awesome, with an almost perfect balance of flavors – it had good salt, acidity, and spice all that was missing was just a hint of sweetness. It was a darn good sandwich though! We paired our squid and sammiches with another Woodchuck Cider and the Naked Pig Pale Ale – I would describe it as bright, floral and fruity with a bit of hops.

Calamari and Pulled Pork Sandwich

Calamari and Pulled Pork Sandwich

They had a great selection of music. I think I pulled out Shazam at least three times. We had a great time and if you like beer, you’ll love this place. You can check out their menu here and while you’re there, look around at their other two restaurants and see what’s coming up for events and promotions.

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Logan’s Roadhouse ~ Hattiesburg, MS

My sister lives in Richland and occasionally we meet in Hattiesburg to swap kids. This time, the whole family decided to go (well most of the family). Deciding where to eat is always such an undertaking. The conversation goes like this “You decide” “Oh, I don’t care, you pick” “Why do I always have to decide” “We’ll what’s nearby” It goes on like that until finally someone makes a decision and lucky for me, they chose Logan’s!

Tammy, Tiffany, Layne and I

Tammy, Tiffany, Layne and I

I love going to Logan’s for many reasons. First, I LOVE their yeast rolls! They are so warm and soft and delicious! Second, you really get a good value for your money and on top of that, they usually have some cool promotions going on and they send out coupons in your email regularly.

This trip, I started out with a salad with their Roadhouse Ranch – it was kinda spicy and super yummy! For my entree, I got my usual, the Logan’s Grilled Chicken. It is so frickin’ good! They top it with this Parmesan Peppercorn sauce that is so addictive. I always ask for extra! For my side, I had the fresh fried chips. I really like those kind of chips and I get them whenever I can.

Logan's Grilled Chicken

Logan’s Grilled Chicken

So, funny side story, my dad got ribs and he had a ramekin of sauce on his plate. He poured a little bit on his ribs and then was like “man, this sauce tastes funny”. So my mom then tries the sauce and agreed that it didn’t taste right. So I decide to try it and it was gravy! We all died laughing! Good times!

Another thing I would like to note was our awesome server, Heather. I have to say, this was the best service we’ve had in a long time. She was fast, accurate and really friendly. We had a big table too. She even waited for mom to cut into her steak to make sure it was cooked right before she left the table. Kudos to Heather!

I really do love Logan’s. If you haven’t been, you should go at least once!

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Temporary Burger 2.1 ~ Redding House ~ Biloxi, MS

The Redding House is a really cool old house that you can rent out for special events. It has lots of interesting little rooms with antique dining sets and it even has a bar!

RH 1The special event for tonight was Temporary Burger 2.1 hosted by Chef Patrick Heim. The menu was full of some great, eclectic options. The burgers were huge and hard to pick up and eat – they were definitely knife and fork burgers. I had the Big Bacon Mac Burger. The patty had a nice charred flavor and was topped with thick, crispy bacon and a ton of gruyere mac-n-cheese.

Big Bacon Mac Burger

Big Bacon Mac Burger

Jason had the Gator Burger which was made out of ground alligator and pork sausage. It was topped with creole slaw, pickled onion, and mayo. The meat was a bit crumbly but still really tasty.

Gator Burger and French Fry Trail Mix

Gator Burger and Sweet Potato Fries

Our good friend and regular puppy-sitter, Jeffro, was nice enough to share some of his Caprese Burger. It was topped with fresh, fried mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, pesto mayo and a slice of roma tomato. It was so yummy and the fresh basil really popped!

Caprese Burger

Caprese Burger

For sides, they had French Fry Trail Mix which was a fun mix of different types of French fries and Sweet Potato Fries which were served Nutella and peanut butter (a cool idea but it was really odd).



It was a great experience and if they do it again you should definitely check it out. You can check them out here.

Newk’s Express Cafe ~ D’Iberville, MS

Newk’s has to be one of our absolute favorite places to eat. Their sandwiches are fabulous and you can’t find a better soup selection anywhere. On this trip, we came on a Saturday and it was packed. On our way in, we saw their promo where you can text “newksdib” to 57711 for a free drink! Score! One of our favorite things about Newk’s is their condiment station. It has sweet pickles, roasted garlic, peppers, croutons, cheese, capers and a few other yummy things too. My hands are always full on my trip back to the table.

Newk's condiment bar

Newk’s condiment bar

This time, I had the Newk’s Q. It is SO good! It has grilled chicken, bacon, Swiss cheese and white barbecue sauce, all served on their perfectly toasted bread (crunchy on the outside, warm and soft on the inside). I always get soup with my sandwich. The soups are different every day and you always have four soups to choose from. Today I had the Loaded Potato Soup. (It’s wonderful, however, it still comes in a close second to O’Charley’s potato soup.)

Newk's Q with Loaded Potato Soup

Newk’s Q with Loaded Potato Soup

Jason had their Italian sandwich which is loaded with capicola, mortadella, pepperoni, salami, provolone cheese, mayo, spicy mustard, lettuce, tomato, hot cherry peppers and a very tasty Italian sauce. Another thing we love about Newk’s are their cups. They are big and perfect for your sweet tea!

Italian with Chips

Italian with Chips

My only complaint with Newk’s would be their side options. You can get pasta salad, cole slaw, fresh fruit, chips or their signature “Tippah County” caviar. They’re ok but they aren’t as “wow” as everything else on the menu. Good thing they have soup!

If you’ve never been to Newk’s, you MUST GO! And definitely try the Newk’s Q on your first visit, you’ll be hooked! Check out their website here.

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Hahn GSM 2011

I picked up the Hahn GSM for $11 on my last trip to Rouses’s in Slidell. It’s always a treat when I get to stop there. They have such a great wine selection and the prices are always lower than they are here in MS. A GSM is a blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre. This is the same blend that goes into a Chateauneuf du Pape.

Hahn GSM 2011

Hahn GSM 2011

We always like to taste wines first straight from the bottle. We then give it a swirl through the aerator to see how it opens up. It usually makes a huge difference. Sometimes we like it better aerated, sometimes not. This wine had a beautiful dark ruby color and bright cherry on the nose. The first taste had light fruit and a similar body to a Pinot Noir. You really got the 14.5% alcohol on the finish. When we aerated the wine, it became more balanced and it really brought out the tannins, some dried fruit and a little spice. We paired it with pizza (not good), some cheddar (good), and chocolate (meh).

It’s definitely worth a try, especially for $11. Just make sure you give it some time to open up (and don’t eat it with pizza!).

Wasabi ~ Ocean Springs, MS

Lucky for me, Tonalea and the kiddos were down for Trinity’s birthday. They came by work and picked me up for lunch. We decided to go check out Wasabi in Ocean Springs. It’s a small place with four hibachi stations and some additional seating for regular dining. It’s bright and modern with a fresh Asian decor.

My beautiful nieces ~ Trinity and Layne

My beautiful nieces ~ Trinity and Layne

The prices were pretty good for lunch. I got my usual, the Chicken Hibachi. I have to say, right now, I’m obsessed with hibachi. I love the salad and the pink sauce they serve in the little dishes! I would eat it every day if I could.

The salad was good and had plenty of dressing. The egg drop soup was really good too, very flavorful and a good consistency. The rice was just ok and the veggies were overdone. The chicken was delicious, though, and we got two sauces. Nowadays it seems like places are cutting down to one. The service was very good. They catered to all our special requests quickly and with a smile! (I apologize for the lack of pictures but it’s hard to focus when you’re having a great time with family!)

I wouldn’t say to go out of your way to eat here. It’s in the same price range as the other Hibachi restaurants in the area and the food is of similar quality. If it’s the closest one, however, go for it!

Check out their menu and specials here.

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