Bootleggers Pizza ~ Biloxi, MS

On Sunday, Jason picked up a pizza from Bootleggers for us and he also stopped by Little Caesars to get a pepperoni pizza for Cam and Layne. (It was our girls night and we watched about four episodes of Once Upon a Time.) We started off with the Garlic Bites. The flavor was good but they were way to crispy. (Won’t be ordering those again). For the pizza, we ordered the Enforcer, which I think had every meat imaginable on it. The crust was thin and it was cut into squares. It was very flavorful and loaded with toppings. It was so good that Layne even ditched her pepperoni pizza for more slices of ours.

The Enforcer

Overall, we liked it. I would like to try a few more pizzas from them. We were going to order the Pulled Pork pizza but they were out of pork that night. Even though their main focus is “authentic Chicago Thin Crust” I would like the option of a thicker crust. They shouldn’t limit themselves to just one crust type. You can check out their website here.

Bootleggers Pizza on Urbanspoon

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