Cafe du Monde ~ New Orleans, LA

One of the places that we HAVE to stop at in New Orleans is Cafe du Monde. It’s usually pretty busy but today it was super busy. There was a line down the sidewalk! Luckily tables were turning fast and we got in without too long of a wait.

Cafe Du Monde 1After we finally snagged a table, we waited….and waited…and waited. There was a ten-top next to us and they ordered and got their stuff before our server even came by! Ridiculous! Eventually, we ordered a few orders of beignets, two cafe au laits and a hot chocolate for Griff.

Me and Tonalea

Me and Tonalea

*Important tip: Do not inhale when you try to take a bite of your beignet or you’ll choke! Also, if you’re husband makes you mad, you can just blow on your beignet and cover him in powdered sugar!

Another cool thing about Cafe du Monde is that you can watch them make the beignets. Just take a trip down the alleyway and you can watch the little beignets getting cut fresh and thrown into the fryer!

Cafe Du Monde 2Despite this one bad experience, we will still continue to go to Cafe du Monde. It’s a family tradition and one I will always cherish. If you’re in New Orleans, you have to stop by!

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