Beau Rivage Buffet – Biloxi, MS

Jason loves to play poker. The only upside for me, is that he gets free stuff! Every month, we get a free buffet. We usually go for lunch since we work in the area. They have a great selection for their salad bar. They have a good sized Asian section and their local dishes are pretty yummy. My favorite feature is their live pasta station. I always get the same thing, but it’s SO good (and fresh!). My second favorite thing is this one dessert. It’s like a chocolate/vanilla cheesecake/mousse thing. It is AMAZING. If the rest of the food was terrible, I would still go back just for that dessert. The lunch buffet is normally $14.99, which I think is ridiculous for lunch, but since Jason gets a free buffet, it’s reasonable for us. This time they had an Oktoberfest theme with some German dishes and since it was Halloween, the staff was dressed up.

There are three things we look for when we go out: Price, Quality, and Service. You have to have at least two of those things or we won’t be coming back. Luckily, the Beau has all three (if you count the free buffet).

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